DD-WRT as a print server

Install DD-WRT on your router. I assume you have installed: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) std . Give your router a static IP.

  • Go to the graphical user interface (GUI) of your router by opening the url http://<routers-ip-address> 
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • In the GUI go to the tab "Administration" activate the JFFS2 support and click "Apply":

  • Go to the tab "Services --> USB". And activate the USB support and click "Apply":

That's already the configuration of your router. Now connect your printer and switch it on.

Configuration of your Computer

I assume you having a Mac with the latest OS X and using a HL-2030 Laser printer.

  • Open Preferences and go to "Printing".
  • Add a new printer by clicking the "+"-Button.
  • In the field "address" enter your routers IP address: <routers-ip-address> 
  • As a protocoll select "HP Jetdirect - Socket".
  • The field "Queue" remains empty.
  • Select a name and a location of the printer and as the printer driver choose "Brother HL-2030 series CUPS".

Click "Add" and you are done.


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